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The Amazing World of Heat Pumps

Every team needs a multitasker, someone who can play more than one position.

In the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) world, that distinction goes to the heat pump. Not only does a heat pump warm your Salt Lake City home in the winter, but it also acts as an air conditioner (AC) in the summer.

Compared to a conventional HVAC system, heat pumps are incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly. Unlike a gas furnace that burns fuel to generate heat, a heat pump uses electricity to transfer energy from your home to the outdoors and vice versa.

Our team of NATE-certified professionals at Just Right Heating & Cooling specializes in installing, replacing, repairing, and maintaining all heat pump brands and models. We are a family-owned business, licensed and insured, proudly serving homes and businesses in Utah.

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Why Choose a Heat Pump?

Perhaps you are ready to replace your old AC and furnace and want to reduce your carbon footprint. Maybe you want to lower your utility bills.

A heat pump is your answer.

When it's hot outdoors, a heat pump works identical to a traditional air conditioning unit, extracting warm air from inside your home and pushing it outdoors. When it gets cold outdoors, heat pumps use their coils to capture heat from the outdoor air and circulate it through your home.

Transferring heat rather than trying to create it is an enormous cost saver. According to the US Department of Energy (DOE), heat pumps can reduce your electricity use for heat by approximately 50 percent compared to a gas furnace.

Reduced carbon emissions translate into improved indoor air quality (IAQ) for your family to enjoy. The dual function also makes maintenance simpler—you go from maintaining two pieces of equipment down to one.

Go Ductless

Heat pumps are easy to integrate with your existing air ducts, but you can also create a [ductless] system using multiple air handlers around your home. A ductless heat pump system, also known as a mini split, is a great solution when you need supplemental heating for a new addition in your home that has no ductwork.

Each indoor air handler has a thermostat, allowing you to establish a zone control system. That means you can create different temperature zones for your bedrooms, kitchen, living rooms, and other areas around your home.

Types of Heat Pumps

  1. Air-source heat pumps are the most common models you’ll find in homes. These systems extract heat from the air to warm your home in the winter. They work in almost any climate but can sometimes struggle when the temperature dips well below freezing. They are easy to install and operate.
  2. Geothermal systems are the gold standard of heat pumps. A geothermal heat pump takes advantage of the constant warm temperature just a few feet beneath the earth’s surface. These systems circulate a treated antifreeze liquid through a closed underground loop. On a chilly day, the warm temperatures below heat up the liquid. A ground heat exchanger extracts the heat from the liquid and transfers it to an indoor heat pump, which dispenses the heat in your Salt Lake City home.

    Geothermal heat pumps are among the greenest systems on the market. On top of the utility savings, you can apply for energy tax credits. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows a yearly deduction for a geothermal system, including the cost of installation

  1. Water-source heat pumps operate similarly to geothermal systems—only they are installed in a body of water. If you live near a pond, this system could be your heating and cooling solution. These systems are extremely reliable—they extract and transfer heat underwater where the temperature is much more consistent than in the air.

What is a dual-fuel system?

Heat pumps are energy efficient and environmentally friendly—but not always the best option in freezing weather. A dual-fuel system offers you the best of both worlds: you can use your electric heat pump to warm your Utah home on moderate winter days and then fire up the gas furnace when the temperatures dip below freezing. Doing so will dramatically lower your heating bills.

Do heat pumps work well in the winter?

Yes, heat pumps can heat your home very well throughout the winter. Years ago, heat pumps could only heat down to a specific temperature close to freezing. Now, the high-efficiency models can heat throughout the winter, especially here in the Salt Lake City area. Our HVAC experts can assess if a dual-fuel system would work better for your individual needs.

Heat Pump Installation or Replacement

Our installation team at Just Right Heating & Cooling is second to none. We invest heavily in training our professionals to keep them up to date on all the latest trends and technology. We use cutting-edge equipment to get the job done.

And we back our work with a guarantee.

We replace and install all brands of heat pumps. As an independent dealer, we can help you choose from the many quality options to replace your heat pump. It also allows us to help you choose from the dozens of different solutions out there to get just the right equipment for your home.

Want to see how a heat pump might look in your home? Give us a call or schedule service online for a free consultation and accurate estimate.

Heat Pump Repairs

We service, repair, maintain and replace all kinds of heat pumps. We handle every brand and type of heat pump.

Our Just Right team offers 24/7 service and upfront pricing. Nobody likes surprises, especially when dealing with a broken piece of equipment. We do everything possible to remove all the worries and make things just right.

Before you call for repairs, take these simple steps:

  • Be sure your thermostat is set correctly.
  • Be sure the circuit breaker to the heat pump is on, and be sure a fuse has not blown.
  • Be sure the power switch is on. This switch is generally next to or inside the air handler cabinet. If it is not on, turn it on. Wait just a few minutes for the air handler to engage.
  • Be sure the filter in the air handler is clean and replaced frequently.

No matter the issue, call Just Right Air for fast, friendly service today! Our technicians have fully stocked trucks to allow us to repair your heat pump on the first visit. You can count on our team to get the job done right the first time.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Inspections and tune-ups allow our Just Right Heating & Cooling to help you avoid inconvenient and costly equipment breakdowns, refrigerant leaks, and compressor problems.

Our tune-ups will rejuvenate your system. Your heat pump will last longer and operate more efficiently if it is maintained on a regular basis by professionals. It will also keep you compliant with your manufacturer’s warranty.

Be sure to ask us about our Comfort Rewards Program that provides significant cost-savings and priority service. Let’s work together to help you create a healthy home for yourself and your loved ones.

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