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Not all rooms in your Utah home are the same.

Some rooms have more space, taller ceilings, multiple entry points, and large windows. Other rooms in your home have no windows, poor ventilation, and struggle to maintain a target temperature.

How do you find the right temperature for every room? You don’t.

Instead, you install a zone control system that allows you to designate different temperature zones throughout your Salt Lake City home. Lower your energy use, save money, and no longer worry why one room feels like a freezer and another room sweats like a sauna. For a large family where some like it cool—and others, not so much—zoning is the perfect solution.

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How Do Zone Control Systems Work?

Imagine if every time you turned on a light switch, every electrical device in your home came on. Or if every time you washed your hands, every faucet, shower, tub, and toilet opened up.

Now you can zone your heating and cooling so that you no longer have to heat or cool your entire home every time you adjust the thermostat.

The great news about installing a zone control system is that you decide the location and size of each zone with guidance from our Just Right team. You can define a zone as a room, several rooms, or even an entire floor in your multi-story Salt Lake City home.

A zone control system could be particularly beneficial for you if:

  • You have a multi-story home.
  • Your floor plan is large or wide.
  • The foundation of your home is a concrete slab.
  • You have large glass windows.
  • You renovated by finishing an attic, basement, or garage.
  • You added a new room or square footage to your home.

Whatever you decide, we will help you achieve the ultimate comfort in your home.

Why Does My Home Have Hot and Cold Spots?

A single thermostat only measures the temperature in the room where it is located. That means one room may reach the desired temperature, but other rooms may still require additional heating or cooling. This especially holds true in larger homes with multiple floors.

If My Home Has No Ductwork, Can I Still Create a Zone Control System?

Yes. Ductless systems, also known as mini splits, can be used in single rooms or multiple rooms throughout your Salt Lake City home. A whole-house system can create multiple zones with mini splits in your larger home, providing tremendous comfort and cost savings.

What Are Some Zoning Tips?

Use a programmable thermostat with your zone control system to maximize your comfort and energy savings. Every degree makes a difference. Programming your thermostat to match the times you are away from home or asleep at night saves a significant amount of money. It also reduces the stress on your HVAC system.

Zone Control System Installation

Zone controls systems—or zoning—takes advantage of the air ducts traveling through your home. Our experts will strategically place mechanical dampers in the ductwork. Each zone you create will be equipped with a thermostat that connects to a central control panel.

When you adjust each thermostat, the control panel opens or closes dampers to distribute hot or cold air where it is needed.

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Just Right professionals. They’ll carefully review your home heating and cooling needs and make an expert recommendation on a zone control system specific to your unique environment.

Zone Control System Repairs

If you ever have an issue with the control panel or a damper, give us a call. Our licensed repair team can troubleshoot all sorts of problems. And we promise never to replace a part unless necessary—or if we can demonstrate significant cost savings.

Your Just Right team offers 24/7 emergency repair services to be there when you need us. More often than not, our professionals will uncover a minor issue before it turns into a costly repair. We know how to make things just right!

Zone Control System Maintenance

Imagine the bedrooms in one zone, the family room in another, and the kitchen in a third. Create different zones wherever your ductwork travels.

And once you create it, allow our team to maintain it. Our Comfort Rewards Program offers incredible cost-savings for service calls, repairs, tune-ups, parts, and more. Enjoy priority service and peace of mind knowing a trusted professional is watching over your HVAC system. Join our plan today and start saving money.

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