10 DIY Furnace Tips

10 DIY Furnace Tips

As autumn approaches, and the weather is starting to cool off, it’s time to think about your furnace. Sometimes that old, dependable furnace doesn’t start right up after sitting dormant all summer. Before you call a service company, try these simple steps and you may avoid a service charge.

  1. Have you replaced the batteries in the thermostat? (Some modern thermostats are battery powered)
  2. Is the thermostat set to “heat” mode?
  3. Is the thermostat temperature setting turned up higher than the room temperature?
  4. Is the power switch next to or connected to the furnace turned on? (It looks like a light switch)
  5. Is the breaker in the power panel turned on?
  6. Is the furnace air filter clean?
  7. Are all of the furnace doors and panels on securely?
  8. Are all of your grilles and registers open and unobstructed?
  9. If your furnace is 20+ years old, is the pilot light on? If not, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to light the pilot.
  10. Has your furnace had its annual factory service?

If all of the above items check out and the system still doesn’t heat, it’s time to schedule a service call.

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