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I met with a prospective customer recently. During the appointment I told her all about how great we were and why she should choose us instead of all our competitors. Her comment at the end of my presentation really bothered me.

She simply said, "You all say the same things."

As I drove away from her home, without making the sale, I had to agree with her. We do all say the same things. I felt her pain. After all I'm a consumer too. I hate buying stuff! Why do I hate shopping? (Did I mention that I hate shopping?) I've spent hours and hours researching and comparing products, talking to salesmen, going online, looking at buying guides and such, only to be let down in the end. The product or service that I finally and thoughtfully picked didn't do everything that I wanted it to or even half of the things that the salesman said it would!

I want to ease your pain. I have collected an assortment of buyers' guides and consumer recommendations on how to choose a great contractor.

Review the links below and also download our 3 Bids form to aid in a side by side comparison of contractors.

Why do I provide all of this information? Because I'm confident that in the final analysis, you'll agree that Just Right meets all the criteria outlined in these guides as a company you can trust!

-Dan Dearden, Owner, Just Right Heating & Cooling

Click the image to download our guide to helping you pick a company.

get three bids form.

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