Just Right Awards $1,500 to the Class of 2022

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Just Right Cares About Our Local Schools

Everyone on our team at Just Right knows how lucky we are to be part of this community. That’s why we decided to award $1,500 in scholarships to the Class of 2022.

Three high school seniors from the winning school—from either Olympus High school or Highland High School—will each receive a $500 scholarship to the school of their choice. Let’s help our young leaders fulfill their dreams and reach for the stars!

This poll has ended (since 2 years).

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Highland High School
Olympus High school

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Just Right believes in giving back. We plan to continue this charitable giving program every year moving forward as our way of saying thank you to everyone in the community who has supported us over the years.

Let us know how we can make a difference in someone’s life. We love building lasting relationships with every customer and are grateful to have this opportunity to help in any we can!

olympus highschool

Olympus High school

Olympus High school opened on September 1, 1953, with an original enrollment of 1028 students.

Throughout its history, Olympus has been one of the leading academic public high schools in the state. In 1961 its orchestral and vocal music program was recognized as one of the nation's finest by the Ford Foundation, which funded a composer-in-residence for the school, an award shared with schools throughout the Granite School district.

highland high

Highland High School

Highland High School opened in 1956, has a student body of 1,546 and is part of the Salt Lake City School District.

The learning options available at Highland High School include:

• A certified teacher librarian
• AP classes
• After school programs
• Band
• CTE Pathways
• Concurrent enrollment classes
• Dance
• Debate
• International Baccalaureate
• Theater
• Choir
• Orchestra
• Piano
• UHSAA sanctioned sports
• Visual Arts

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