Get 3 Bids for HVAC Work

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Are you shopping for a contractor in the Salt Lake City area to complete a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) project? 

Consider project price, contractor reputation, scope of the work, and timing before you select a company for HVAC maintenance, repairs, or upgrades in your Utah home.

Price can be a primary reason for choosing one HVAC contractor over another. You can compare project costs and decide if an estimate fits your budget when you solicit bids from HVAC companies.

Bids are the ideal starting point in the hiring process. 

At Just Right Heating & Cooling, we encourage you to seek three bids. Get one from us and two from other companies. If you need plumbing or drain assistance, contact our partner, My Friendly Plumber, and two other plumbing firms. 

What Does a Bid Include?

It should clearly explain what the job includes and how much it will cost. The estimate should detail parts, materials, labor, and equipment costs. Ask for this information if it is not in the project estimate.

Viewing a detailed breakdown of job costs from each company will help you compare bids. 

Be sure the bid describes in detail what the HVAC company promises to do. Is it a repair or an installation?

If the work involves installing a new HVAC unit, the estimate should state the kind of equipment included and its best location inside or outside of your Salt Lake City home. The company should note when they expect to finish the job. 

ENERGY STAR® points out that price alone may not be the best reason to select a particular company. The agency recommends you also consider equipment energy efficiency and warranties. It says contractors should submit a written, itemized estimate after visiting your home.

Be sure you understand what each HVAC team offers. 

Other Bid Considerations

Each bid also should include payment terms and permit information. 

It should specify the payment methods and deposit amount the company accepts. The bid also should tell you if you need a permit for the work and who will be responsible for obtaining it.

Ask if the company offers discounts or has information about utility company or manufacturer rebates. 

In-Person vs. Virtual

If you cannot arrange for an in-person visit, suggest a virtual evaluation. You can give the company a virtual tour of the HVAC equipment in your Salt Lake City home with your smartphone or computer. For some work, such as maintenance, you can ask for details in a phone call. 

Get a feel for how the company communicates. The person on the other end of the phone should listen to your concerns and respond clearly. 

You may not have time for an in-person response if you are dealing with an emergency that needs immediate attention. In that case, shoot for three bids virtually or by phone.

If you do not have time to collect three bids in an emergency or two of your three bidders cannot respond to your problem quickly, at least be sure the remaining company is reliable and has a good reputation. 

Beyond Bids

You are shopping for more than the lowest price when hiring an HVAC company. If your three estimates are similar in cost and project details, how do you know which bidder is best for the job? 

  • Check the company website to get a feel for the bidder’s core values, experience, and history.
  • Many websites mention awards the company has earned and additional training its employees have completed. If technicians have North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification, it means they have additional HVAC training and have passed exams. 

On our Just Right Heating & Cooling website, for example, you will find information about specials, our values, accreditation, community outreach, guarantees, financing, informative tips, and reviews, in addition to services and products. 

  • Be sure the company works with the brand and type of HVAC equipment you own. 
  • Ask if the company meets state or local licensing requirements and if employees are insured. Examine their credentials. 
  • Check online reviews, ask friends or family who they hire for their HVAC projects, or collect a few suggestions by posting on a neighborhood Facebook page. It is your job to sort through the information and select an HVAC team that best suits your needs. 
  • Some contractors offer customer references. Don’t be shy about contacting a previous customer and asking about their experience with the company. 

Confidently Hire a Contractor

Get three bids, including one from Just Right Heating & Cooling, when you need HVAC maintenance, repairs, or installation in your Salt Lake City, UT, home. Call us at (801) 923-7859 or request service online. 

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