Beware of $29 Tune-Ups

No $29 tuneups.

You see them in the mail every month, furnace and air conditioning tune-ups advertised for $29, $39 and $49. Don’t be taken in by these offers, they are not what they seem.

This list of what a $29 tune-up includes is taken directly from a HVAC company’s website:

  • Check your thermostat
  • Inspect AC filters
  • Make sure fan motor is rotating freely
  • Inspect Fan Blades
  • Monitor volts/amps on fan motor
  • Check if bearings seem to be wearing out
  • Inspect indoor evaporator coil if accessible
  • Inspect outside condenser coil
  • Monitor operating pressure of AC refrigerant
  • Inspect all safety devices for proper operation
  • Check all electrical connections / tighten where necessary
  • Remove debris from around the condenser coil
  • Inspect service valves for proper operation

Notice all the action words are “Inspect”, “Check” and “Monitor”. They don’t actually DO anything to your equipment!

The cost of overhead plus the direct wages of a qualified technician will exceed $100 per hour for just about any reputable HVAC company. They can’t afford to send out a technician and get paid only $29-$49 for a tune-up. They can only afford to offer a $29 tune-up because it is their intention and policy to find something wrong with your system and charge you for that service.

When considering annual maintenance for your heating and cooling system look for action words like “Clean”, “Lubricate”, “Tighten” & “Replace”. Make sure the company you choose is going to actually get your system ready for the heating or cooling season, that they are not just there to sell you some other service.

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