6 Tips for choosing a good HVAC company

6 Tips for choosing a good HVAC company.
  1. Make sure they are licensed. This is easy to do, just go to http://dopl.utah.gov/ and click on “Verify a License”.
  2. Make sure they employ NATE-certified technicians. Every major equipment manufacturer recommends that you have your heating and cooling equipment serviced by a NATE-certified technician. Be sure to do your research and confirm if the company you are considering has NATE-certified technicians.
  3. See if they belong to industry organizations. Our experience is that HVAC companies that are serious about their craft belong to organizations such as ACCA, RSES, NCI and Service Roundtable, where they receive ongoing technical training and keep up to date on current technologies and trends.
  4. Make sure they’ve been in business for at least four years. The unfortunate truth is that HVAC companies just moved to the top of the list of US companies that fail the fastest, replacing restaurants on that ignominious list. A typical startup HVAC company only survives for less than three years, so, if they’ve been around for at least four, you can have greater confidence that they’ll still be around when your system needs repairs.
  5. Read online reviews. Make sure you actually read the reviews, don’t just look at the ratings. You’ll get a good idea how a company responds to adversity by reading the good and bad reviews. Speaking of bad reviews, if they don’t have any, you should be suspicious, even the best companies get complaints. If there are no bad reviews there’s a good chance they are using a reputation management firm to cleanse their Google reviews. Look at reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List and the BBB. If there is a consistently good story, you’re more likely to be safe.
  6. Check them out with the Better Business Bureau. Users can leave reviews on BBB, but the BBB also has their own rating system. You want to work with an A+ rated company. But you still need to be careful. BBB has an unusual system that awards all companies with an A+ as long as they respond to complaints appropriately. A company with dozens of complaints can get an A+ rating as long as they respond to the complaint. Here again you need to read the complaints to get an idea of how they treat customers.

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