Greg Mullins

Greg Mullins

Design Technician


 Industry professional since 1999. 


"I’ve seen just about every problem in the book and found the solution for most of them. I’ve also spent time out with the installers doing the work, so I know how things work firsthand."

Favorite Quote:

 “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”—Joshua

Favorite Sports Teams:

 BYU Football.

Favorite Book: 

Book of Mormon, The Guardian

Why I work at Just Right: 

"Just Right is the first HVAC company that I’ve worked for that actually does what it says! They care more about the customer and their employees than they do the bottom line. I am confident that what I tell my customers will happen will get done. I also love that I can trust that my technicians know exactly what they’re doing. And the installers are the best in the business. It makes working for this company a joy!"

Values that drive me:

 "Integrity has always been my number one priority. I am hard-working, and I simply love people!"

"What I do when I'm not at work:

 When I’m not working you will find me with my family. Usually on a hiking trail or with a fly rod on the stream. I love to be out in God’s creation!"