Air Conditioning

3 Signs It’s Time for a New AC. HVAC unit.

3 Signs It’s Time for a New AC

Should you repair or replace? That’s always the big question when it comes to major home systems like air conditioning (AC).

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Couple standing in front of the window in summer.

Keeping Cool in the City: Expert AC Repair Services in Salt Lake City

Air conditioning problems can challenge your patience under even the best circumstances in Northern Utah.

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AC Maintenance Checklist. Man at desk with phone.

AC Maintenance Checklist

Can you imagine a scorching hot day here in Salt Lake City without air conditioning? During those dog days of summer, your air conditioning system can be your very best friend.

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5 AC Installation Tips Every Homeowner Must Know. Air conditioner outside of a house.

5 AC Installation Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

Just Right Heating & Cooling suggests you get three quotes before deciding on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. We are confident you will choose Just Right for the job if you include our bid among your project estimates.

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When Do I Replace My Air Conditioner? Woman on the phone attempting to cool herself with a fan.

When Do I Replace My Air Conditioner?

Sometimes, life moves incredibly fast. You could have sworn you just bought your air conditioner. But lately, it doesn’t seem to be working so well. You check the box and are shocked to find out you’ve had it for a decade. Where did the time go?

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Image of a heat pump. Air Conditioners Versus Heat Pumps.

Air Conditioners Versus Heat Pumps

In some ways, heat pumps have an edge over the traditional combination of a furnace and central air conditioning (AC) unit. However, no two households are the same, and each option has its pros and cons.

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Image of technician working with thermostat. Why Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Why Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

It’s about to heat up here in Layton. Make sure your air conditioner (AC) is primed for the Utah summer heat rays by scheduling a seasonal maintenance visit.

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Shot of a young woman sound asleep in her bedroom.

3 Health Benefits for Using Your AC While Sleeping

A major part of your health relies on getting a good night’s sleep. That’s why it’s not just important to run your air conditioner during the hot summer days.

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AC Blowing Hot Air

Why Is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

It’s the first really hot day of summer in Salt Lake City when the floor fans and the open windows just don’t cut it anymore. You head over to your thermostat and select “air conditioner” and wait for that refreshing icy air to start blowing out of your vents. When you check a few minutes later, you feel only hot air. Why?

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Energy Bill

5 Ways to Save Money on Your AC and Summer Energy Bill

We understand high energy bills are sometimes unavoidable when air conditioning is crucial for comfort during the hot months. That’s why our five simple tips for staying cool and using your air conditioner (AC) less may help you cut costs and save money on your monthly energy bill.

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AC Unit Size

How Do I Know the Right Size AC Unit for My Home

Is it time to replace the air conditioning (AC) unit in your Salt Lake City home? How do you choose the right one?

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AC Blowing Hot Air

Why Is My Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air?

If you have not maintained your cooling system, you still have time to make it a priority. Our qualified technicians at Just Right Heating & Cooling can give you peace of mind with a thorough cooling system tune-up.

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AC Tune-up

Do I Really Need an AC Tune-Up?

Home ownership comes with a great deal of responsibilities and an ever-growing to-do list. Add to that the responsibilities of a career and a family, and you see why modern life runs at a constant, fast pace here in Salt Lake City. It’s easy to bump things like an air conditioner tune-up down the priority list, both in terms of time and money. It’s very likely you have higher priorities requiring more urgent attention than an air conditioner that seems to be working just fine.

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New AC

3 Signs It’s Time For a New Air Conditioner

Here in Salt Lake City, warmer days are already here. Does your air conditioner (AC) have enough power to get you through this summer? 

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Air conditioning unit on the side of a brick house in Sandy, UT

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

As a homeowner here in Utah, it’s always a good idea to learn as much as you can about your appliances. That means knowing their basic operations, what features are included, and if any necessary upkeep is involved.

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air vent at the base of a wall in a home

Does an Air Conditioner Kill Mold?

Mold thrives in damp, humid environments. Your air conditioner is designed to help dehumidify your home, removing excess moisture and preventing mold’s growth.

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Male technician installing air-conditioning system in Sandy, UT

Why Do I Need AC Maintenance Now?

At Just Right Heating & Cooling, we recommend getting your air conditioning unit serviced and cleaned at least once a year. The optimum time is in the spring to ensure your system will run with the most efficiency during the hottest summer months.

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person putting their hands over an air conditioning vent to feel the air coming out

Air Conditioning Basics––Did You Know?

Air conditioners decrease indoor temperature through the refrigeration process. They circulate refrigerant, a substance that phases between liquid and gas. As this cycle occurs, the refrigerant grabs heat and humidity from the air, converting it to liquid water.

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